The People of PASE: Ian

Here at Peoples Associates Structural Engineers, we put our interns and their talents to work–their skill set and education are not taken lightly. We truly appreciate the opportunity to educate and shape these bright people into becoming talented Structural Engineers, ready to create the next set of structures that shape our cities.

This summer’s interns were a mix of eager Undergraduate and Graduate students. Join us as they share a bit of their story and what they look forward to on their journeys ahead.

All of our interns had a wonderful learning experience at PASE, giving them real-life experience that they’ll take into their blossoming careers. Team PASE took them in with open arms, and absolutely loved to show them what they can look forward to what awaits them after finishing their college careers.

It’s all about the people, here at Peoples Associates Structural Engineers. Check out our other Summer 2017 interns’ stories: John, Tanya, Brooke, and Jessica.



Meet Ian,
Graduate Student at Stanford University


2017 Intern Ian

Why Structural Engineering?

Ian has an innate talent with structures, and has always liked building and constructing things. He would make structures with Legos® as a kid, and even made a few pieces of furniture! Ian loves to see his ideas take a tangible form.


What inspires you?

Seeing the manifestation of his creativity is his inspiration. He enjoys knowing that his creative ideas will become an actual structure. Even though he may not be building a large structure himself, using his mathematical and design talents is definitely enjoyable.


At PASE, what kind of project(s) did you work on?

Ian focused his learning with the Data Center/Mission Critical team. His work has been with steel, and taking part in projects dealing in seismic parameters, seismic and wind forces, equipment anchorage, and weld and bolt connection design. He was also able to experience modeling.

2017 Intern Ian-2


How was your experience at PASE?

Ian appreciated that the PASE team tailored work to each individual’s experience level. Interns don’t have to come in and feel like they should already know everything–there’ no judgment. He felt that everyone was very supportive and willing to share their expertise. Ian made it simple in saying that he felt like he was working with actual people. Team PASE is truly a team environment.


Where are you heading next?

After graduating with his Masters in March, Ian hopes to do some traveling. After taking some time to explore, he hopes to come back and work as a Structural Engineer in the Bay Area. Ian is also striving to earn is P.E. (Project Engineer) and S.E. (Structural Engineer) license(s).


Any words of advice you’d like to share with fellow students?

“Don’t be afraid–you don’t have to know and remember everything you were taught in school. Just go for it!”


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