PASE Group Photo (July 2016)


Since its establishment in 1990, Peoples Associates has acquired a strong reputation for providing quality structural designs that are cost effective, efficiently constructed and tailored to the specific project. Peoples Associates has developed productive, professional working relationships with local building officials, architects, industrial facilities engineers, developers, contractors and other design professionals. A combination of extensive project experience, superior technical abilities of the staff, and efficient company organization makes Peoples Associates particularly well suited for technically complex projects that must conform to a demanding schedule.


Our engineering staff is organized into compact project teams to maximize efficiency and maintain sensitivity to the unique requirements of each project. Project team communication and coordination are enhanced with the use of the latest computer technology and shared resources such as task specific engineering spreadsheets and personnel management software. This effective organization and efficient use of technology directly results in higher quality, consistency, and superior conformance to the project schedule.


Peoples Associates takes great care and pride in providing quality structural designs that are cost effective, efficiently constructed, and tailored to the specific project. We specialize in the following areas:

  • Structural Design of New Commercial, Mission Critical, Industrial, Residential and Institutional Buildings as well as Industrial Facilities and Transportation Structures
  • Structural Design of Building Renovations, Restorations and Expansions
  • Structural and Seismic Evaluations of Existing Structures
  • Seismic Retrofit and Strengthening of Deficient Structures
  • Structural Design of Anchorage and Bracing for Non-Structural Components
  • Structural Design of Non-Building Structures